‘Tell Desperadoes when you reach that hill
I decompose, but I composing still.’ ”
Derek Walcott
A statement so timely on the rot that pervades Trinidad that I had to double check the year it was written because I thought he was talking about our current state. We’ve been doing this nonsense for years.

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Derek Walcott, “The Spoiler’s Return” (1981)

(for Earl Lovelace)

I sit high on this bridge in Laventille,
watching that city where I left no will
but my own conscience and rum-eaten wit,
and limers passing see me where I sit,
ghost in brown gabardine, bones in a sack,
and bawl: “Ay, Spoiler, boy! When you come back?”
And those who bold don’t feel they out of place
to peel my limeskin back, and see a face
with eyes as cold as a dead macajuel,
and if they still can talk, I answer: “Hell.”
I have a room there where I keep a crown,
and Satan send me to check out this town.
Down there, that Hot Boy have a stereo
where, whole day, he does blast my caiso:
I beg him two weeks’ leave and he send me
back up, not as no bedbug or no flea,
but in this…

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Danielle Boodoo-Fortune 2016 Wasafiri New Poet

Talented artist Danielle Boodoo-Fortune is the winner of the Wasafiri New Writing Prize- Poetry for her poem Portrait of my father as a grouper.

Wasafiri is a UK-based international magazine on contemporary writing. It is published quarterly. The name comes from the Kiswahili word for ‘travellers’.The magazine was formed out of a deliberate initiative to introduce a more diverse set of books to British school libraries and reading lists.

She’s also a brilliant artist. I have one of her colouring books, but her watercolours are stunning. She’s just really very talented.