Green Screen Film Fest Launch 

The festival will launch with The Pearl Button, a film by Patricio Guzman.

But I’m really excited by the local films that will be included on the schedule.

Details on those films in an upcomimg post.


Film Festival Season in T&T

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for film lovers. It’s Film Festival Season!

The T&T Film Festival is on, and there are so many great local and regional movies to watch. Plus TTFF always includes world cinema on the roster. It’s a movie buff’s paradise.

But when TTFF ends on the 27th September, start looking out for Anime Caribe which runs from the 24th-30th October. Can you imagine that it’s 15 years old? How audacious are we? Now billed as a digital music and animation festival it’s packed with screenings, talks with the biggest shots in animation, and the Caribbean artists making content.

I’m looking forward to this festival. Local feature film Sankara surprised me with the animated elements. It would be nice to see what else local artists are doing.

And finally Green Screen-The Environmental Film Festival rounds out the season. Starting November 1st and running until the 12th, feature and documentary films meant to build your environmental consciousness will be screened. All the films are free, and it’s the flagship event from Sustain T&T a sustainable living organisation that wants us to live smarter by being greener.

At the launch of TTFF Dr. Bruce Paddington spoke about film helping Government’s buy local campaign. It’s the same with any other social problem we want to solve, films can have a big impact. I can’t wait to check out some of the films in this festival as well.

Enjoy the season, let me know which movies you watched and what you thought of them.