Busshead on ILTV’s The Stew

Bahamas Carnival just ended and Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin were there. It was the first time the pair performed their soca hit Busshead outside of Trinidad. The duo were interviewed about their collaboration, and careers, on ILTV’s chat show The Stew.

They’ve (the show’s producers) posted the entire episode online, so you can fast forward to the 19.28 mark for the Bunji and Machel interviews.


That said, I ended up watching the entire programme because they spoke about the epic failure that was Fyre Festival. In a nutshell Fyre Festival was supposed to be an ultra-exclusive music festival on the Bahamian island of Great Exuma. It failed miserably, with lawsuits being filed, but of particular concern for us here in the Caribbean is where it would affect the tourist interest in our music festival, like Tobago Jazz. I like this article in Billboard for exploring those concerns nicely.

I liked the conversation on The Stew, because it’s a Bahamian chat show, so it was nice to hear their perspective on the fiasco.

And I’ve just noticed something, last post I shared Dionne Jackson-Miller’s All Access, today I shared The Stew. I wish we had more local and regional content on our televisions in Trinidad. That’s something I want to discuss, and will  probably do so in another post soon.

I’d never heard of The Stew before, but I know Aneka Stewart from her Insta-account @caytostyle. She’s fab. And I may start watching the show on the regular.

We’ll see.

COCO Dance is Launched

The launch took place Thursday evening. Watching the performance live was interesting, because he walks through the audience and it had a very immersive feel to it. which is insufficiently captured on camera. It also helped having him explain it to you, but I’m reminded of my previous discussion with co-founder of COCO, Sonja Dumas who cautioned against needing to understand the performance. She suggests that audiences are better served just going with their feelings.

COCO Dance Festival starts this weekend, and continues next weekend, check it out.

Tribute to Mas Master Stephen Derek

I attended the Mastering by the Mentors Awards Ceremony on Monday. I posted during the event, you can read that entry here.

I was really touched by the tributes that came pouring out for Stephen Derek. You got the sense, that far above his talent, he was a kind and decent man, and the most loving father, whose children miss him terribly.

It was touching, and inspirational. May he rest in peace.

COCO Dance Festival

The Contemporary Choreographers’ Collective or COCO is hosting their annual Dance Festival.

I’m really excited to see them add a video element. Founding member of COCO Sonia Dumas, has become quite the filmmaker of late. Fresh off her win at #TTFF16 for a film development prize, this addition of film to COCO Dance Fest is a lovely surprise. Dumas has already produced a film on local dances pioneers called Julia and Joyce.


The COCO Video Festival will offer screenings and workshops at The Little Carib Theatre. See the flyer above for details.


First, that’s my friend Elisha Bartels in the above image. She’s a bess dancer, and frighteningly brilliant, so conversations with her are always edifying.

I’m most excited to see the dance productions at COCO fest. I have pleasant memories of Dave Williams, another founding member of COCO, and his inventive shows at the Carib.


Orisha Ocean Festival- Ase Odun Olokun

The annual Orisha Ocean FestivalAse Odun Olokun– will be held over 3 days from this Friday 7th– Sunday 9th October 2016.


 On Friday 7th October the opening ceremony will be held at the Shrine on #12 First Street, Sparrow Drive, Simeon Road, Petit Valley from 7-9pm. On Saturday 8th October the festivities move to the Banwari Heritage Site in San Francique, Siparia from 10am- 1pm. The Banwari Site is the site of the oldest human fossils in the region- dating human life in Trinidad to almost 7000 years ago. The Site is sacred to the Amerindian peoples of T&T- particularly the Warao People in the South who will be hosting the ceremony. On Sunday 9th October the festival culminates in Matelot at the point the Matelot River meets the Sea by the Matelot Community School. Transport will be provided to both Banwari and Matelot locations on the day.

 Olokun is the Orisha God of the Ocean and the theme of this year’s Olokun Festival is ‘Retrieving Our Memory’ which is apt as Olokun is also custodian of planetary memory. The Olokun Ocean Festival is the ceremony in which man’s indispensable link and connectivity to the force of the Ocean is celebrated. Olokun is the deity of the deep ocean, marshes and wetlands, and is protector of the African diaspora.

 For the last 20 years the Olokun Festival has been hosted by Egbe Onisin Eledumare- an African spiritual organization functional in Ile-Iere- the Republic Trinidad Tobago- since 1971. The organisation has consistently been one of the most progressive voices for Orisha and African traditions in Trinidad and Tobago pioneering numerous firsts in the nation as regards Orisha practice- from campaigning for the passage of the Orisha Marriage Act to staging the first Orisha carnival band with Queen of Carnival contestant. The Olokun Festival is one of the major Festivals in the Egbe’s annual Festival calendar.

 The Festival is an environmental Festival which acknowledges our oceans and seas as source of food, life-giving water, raw materials, medicine, recreation, transport and communications for millions of the planet’s inhabitants. Many Old World societies recognize the importance of the seas and oceans- and special propitiatory rites were performed each year to encourage the co-operation of the living force called sea or ocean.  The Orisha community continues to believe that communion with the Ocean is necessary for our survival.

 Olokun’s colours are white and red but participants can wear any colours. To book transport and for further information you can call: Oloye Orawale Oranfe @ 678-7121 or Rubadiri @ 797-0949 or contact rubadiri@yahoo.com Maxis will leave for the Banwari Site on Saturday from the western side of City Gate by the Lighthouse from 7am and the contribution is $100. Maxis leave for Matelot on Sunday from the same point at City Gate from 6am and the contribution is $200. Offerings of fruits, silver coins, dried foods, honey, and other items will be accepted.