Caribbean Fashion and Arts Feature Festival

Film is having a moment in Trinidad and Tobago. The CFAFF is another film festival on the local calendar.

This year’s theme is “Afro-diasporic Linkages and the Caribbean Voyage”.

“A movement, a discourse, a space, a channel for cultural transformation and expression; the African Diaspora is a collective consciousness.

As we continue our journey into self discovery as a people, the Caribbean Fashion & Arts Feature Festival is honored to celebrate the African diaspora, as well as our cultural expressions – film, art and fashion – of self awareness, resilience, tenacity and innovation as a Caribbean collective.

J.Angelique and the Caribbean Business of Fashion

I’ve been scoping her brand for a bit, and this week I finally got the chance to meet Jin Forde, the designer of J.Angelique about her brand and her aesthetic.

What I was trying to get at, is her path to success. It appears that presentation is key. Her website: is pretty, easy to navigate and professionally done. And this is an updated version to match her latest collection Wildflower. The previous versions were equally as impressive.

As for her aesthetic. I like it, even if I think that I need to lose a few pounds before I become a customer. But more importantly, I can see the story behind her collections, and get a feel for the J.Angelique woman by viewing her collections.

The takeaway from this interview was the need to be original, but realistic in our business ventures, and the value of a professional package.

The flowered dress that you see in the video, is from her Wildflower collection. Blossom was inspired by a conversation with Ashelle Waddell, who distributes Shibue, a strapless panty. I’ll be looking out for the brave fashionistas who’ll actually wear this one out.