My Kite Dress

I have a Meiling Kite dress. It’s pretty perfect in purple with an ankara print lining.

I need to wear it out ASAP!


Janice Derrick’s Christmas Open Studio


Janice Derrick will host her Christmas Open Studio on the 9th & 10th December at her place in Cascade. This presents a great opportunity for you to shop from an exclusive group of Trinidad’s best artists and designer-makers, away from the crowded malls and busy markets.

Alongside Janice Derrick Jewellery will be creations from Adam WilliamsLend&Borough, Richard Hubbard, Horacio HospedalesSusie Dayal and Turtle Warrior.

Keep monitoring Janice’s Facebook page for details


Caribbean Fashion and Arts Feature Festival

Film is having a moment in Trinidad and Tobago. The CFAFF is another film festival on the local calendar.

This year’s theme is “Afro-diasporic Linkages and the Caribbean Voyage”.

“A movement, a discourse, a space, a channel for cultural transformation and expression; the African Diaspora is a collective consciousness.

As we continue our journey into self discovery as a people, the Caribbean Fashion & Arts Feature Festival is honored to celebrate the African diaspora, as well as our cultural expressions – film, art and fashion – of self awareness, resilience, tenacity and innovation as a Caribbean collective.

J.Angelique and the Caribbean Business of Fashion

I’ve been scoping her brand for a bit, and this week I finally got the chance to meet Jin Forde, the designer of J.Angelique about her brand and her aesthetic.

What I was trying to get at, is her path to success. It appears that presentation is key. Her website: is pretty, easy to navigate and professionally done. And this is an updated version to match her latest collection Wildflower. The previous versions were equally as impressive.

As for her aesthetic. I like it, even if I think that I need to lose a few pounds before I become a customer. But more importantly, I can see the story behind her collections, and get a feel for the J.Angelique woman by viewing her collections.

The takeaway from this interview was the need to be original, but realistic in our business ventures, and the value of a professional package.

The flowered dress that you see in the video, is from her Wildflower collection. Blossom was inspired by a conversation with Ashelle Waddell, who distributes Shibue, a strapless panty. I’ll be looking out for the brave fashionistas who’ll actually wear this one out.

At the Helm with K2K

One of my favourite bands to watch for Carnival has been K2K Alliance. Twins Kathy and Karen Norman bring so much artistry to their fashion meets mas band. That they both work in finance in New York and can bring out an award winning band is madness, but I am grateful for their passion for this industry.

Their presentation for 2017 is At the Helm. I spoke to them as they were preparing for their launch about their vision for their band the business of Carnival.

I got to attend the launch and I have one word, “Wow!” Visually stunning presentation. I went with a friend of mine and she said that she wished that she could create something that beautiful.

I’m one of the persons interviewed in the video below about my thoughts on their costumes.

Still can’t pick one. And you can peep their lookbook here

Caribbean Lookbook’s LDN Pop-Up

Caribbean Lookbook

London fashionistas be on the lookout for this fabulous opportunity to indulge in some of the best clothing brands in the Caribbean.

From September 23-25 you will have Shop Shari, Peta Odini, JoVew by Makisa and We Dream in Colour at your fingertips. And those are only some of the brands that will be showcasing their wares for their English fans. Tell me that you’re not excited!

Caribbean fashion has been moving in leaps and bounds. It’s nice to see young designers take chances, and mature brands find new life and new fans. And Mel Gabriel of Trinidad Lookbook has been an early adopter and their loudest champion. If you want to jump up in the London Pop-up, click here for details.

And if you’re in London, check it out you won’t be sorry.