We Can’t Save Everything

You can’t save every site and heritage building, but we need to save more than we have.
We do have success stories in Trinidad and Tobago, Boissiere House and Audrey Jeffers’ Home aren’t listed. The Former is a completed restoration, the other restoration is taking place with great care to ensure historical accuracy.

But the National Trust Council needs to be appointed sooner rather than later, and the rest of us need to do more than just talk about heritage, art, culture and the things we say matter, but haven’t protected.

Dance Pioneer Beryl McBurnie’s House Destroyed

A portion of Trinidad and Tobago’s artistic community is up in arms about the demolition of Beryl McBurnie‘s house, a property that was shortlisted by the National Trust — the organisation charged with safeguarding the country’s heritage sites — to be considered for protected status. The house was bulldozed to the ground on September 16.

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