Carnival Escape into Colour.

I have it. Jade Gadeon’s Carnival, adult colouring book.

Jade has realistically rendered the costumes, colour and music of Trinidad Carnival. You can tell that the book was made by a mas playing Trini.

I was surprised by the Minshall costumes that she included in the book. She clearly had access to his work.

I got mine from Caboodles on Long Circular Road. It’s signed by Jade. I’ll start colouring in it very soon.

Also I’m really enjoying Ryan Chan’s Pretty Bitch colouring book. It can take water, so I have used my watercolour pencils in it,  images below.

I’m really happy with my collection of Caribbean inspired adult colouring books.


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Affair in Trinidad – A Film Review

Affair in Trinidad was the 1952 comeback vehicle for the Hollywood sex symbol and actress Rita Hayworth. She had spent 4 years away from the big screen because of her marriage to Prince Ali Khan. But when that marriage ended Hayworth needed to make her return in a big way.
Affair in Trinidad is a film noir that reunites Hayworth with most of the principals from her last big hit the movie Gilda, including her leading man Glenn Forde. It is a desperate move and it shows.
The plot is paper thin. Hayworth is Chris Emery, a nightclub performer whose husband is found dead. It soon becomes clear that he was murdered. The police have a suspect, the millionaire Max Fabian, and Chris is drafted to help them find the proof. Unbeknownst to her, her late husband had invited his brother to the island with the promise of a job. Steve Emery (Glenn Forde) arrives in Trinidad to find his brother dead under suspicious circumstances and begins his own investigation of the matter.
The acting is dated, and very stylised. The opening scene features a most casual conversation over Neil’s body.
And while the movie was filmed in Trinidad, you see very little of the island. It very well could have been set anywhere.
The racial politics of the time feature throughout. People of colour are part of the scenery, they are incidental to action, except for Dominique. Played by Juanita Moore, Dominique is Chris’ housekeeper, and while she is clearly what Spike Lee would refer to as the movie’s ‘magical negro’, she gets quite a few of some of the movie’s most memorable lines. And that brings us to this film’s saving grace, it is an extremely quotable movie. A friend described it as throwing more shade than the Northern Range.
It is also a very feminist movie. Chris is the goddess all men want to worship, but she is very ready to put them in their place when they get out of hand. In that she is matched by Dominique who had to set Steve right when he loses his manners around his brother’s widow. Chris is also sexual without apology. The other unapologetically sexual woman in the film is Valerie Bettis’ Veronica Huebling, a film vixen if there ever was one.
Affair in Trinidad is deeply flawed film that still manages to be very entertaining. It is tremendously quotable and it is one that will have you talking long after the credits have ended.
It gets it 3 stars out of 5.

Pretty Bitch Therapy

Local designer Ryan Chan has just released an adult colouring book. You know that I’m obsessed with them. Especially Caribbean colouring books. To the point where I had promised myself that I’m only allowed to buy Jade Gedeon’s Carnival Escape colouring book. I going to break that promise to include this gem.

Some pages from Pretty bitch therapy ! Get it tom ! 😊😂😂😂

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What? I’m supporting local! That’s allowed. Pretty Bitch Therapy: The Colouring Journal is available at The Little Black Dress in West Mall.

Stickfighting: Gi Dem Bwa!

My new favourite thing for Carnival isn’t new at all. It’s a traditional martial art, or fighting style, that was born in Trinidad to African and Indian parents and seems to be having a revival. It’s called Kalinda or Stickfighting.

I first went to Stickfighting last year, and had a blast. My favourite thing are the singers and the drums. The grio singing style, the drums and the patwa lyircs make for an infectious combination.

This is my story about the finals competition last year.

This year I made it to the preliminary competition which took place at St. Mary’s Basketball Court in Moruga.


I missed the semis in Arima on Friday because of Army Fete. But my camera man went so I wrote up the story.

Did you see those match ups? Kinda bummed that I missed the action live.

These competitions are being organised by the National Carnival Commission, and they’ve just released the results. These are the Gayelles you will see on Wednesday in Skinner’s Park:

  1. VALIANT BROTHERS                    Oniel Odle                                                     
  2. ST. MARY’S NO. 1                          Roger Sambury                                            
  3. RIO CLARO                                      Michael Hernandez                                
  1. BOIS ACADEMY                             Rondell Benjamin

Remember, if yuh cyah breaks, doh play!



Calypso Rose Returns Victorious

Dr. McCartha Linda Sandy-Lewis is back in Trinidad, having arrived safely from Paris.

Victoire de Music, we’ve been referring to it as the French Grammy. Her manager says she’s still breaking ground. She is the first Caribbean person to win a Victoire, and to receive a standing ovation at the ceremony for her performance


She says an new album is coming. But Far From Home is in heavy rotation on local radios. Really!

Jouvay Jewellery

wp-image-133852774jpg.jpgMy favourite jewellery designer Gillian Bishop held a fashion show with a difference this morning at the Normandie Hotel. It combined the fashion available at The Shop accessorized with her jewellery.

My cousin is one of the jewellery designers whose Carnival collection was on display.

Here are a few of my snaps.

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The Caribbean Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Robert Young’s band Vulgar Fraction’s presentation for 2017 is called the Caribbean Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

The models were people Robert selected from the crowd. He dressed them and they began twirling. The band has a loose structure, but I was surprised by how I was warming to it. The costumes, the concept, the possibility of playing mas with the band.

The mas camp is based at Propaganda Space, 24 Erthig Road in Belmont. Check them out there or virtually via their Facebook page.

See you (maybe) on the road.

Carnival Films

The Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival tries to showcase Trinbagonian and Caribbean films outside of the traditional festival period. Their Carnival Film Series (to diffrentiate it from its main festival) has been going on for a few years now. This year they decided to take a look back.

The Film Series will feature 3 feature length films, one from Brazil.

Black Orpheus is a retelling of the classic tale set in Brazil’s favelas. Bachannal Time is Kamalo Deen’s farcical story of two stickfighters trying to get to the finals in Skinner Park, and King Carnival is a documentary filmed during Carnival 1973.

Try to catch them before the series ends.