Conversations With C News

It’s a 30 minute conversation with persons of interest on the issues that matter to us. I’ve done quite a few and had some really lovely chats with people like Eintou Springer, Ravi Ji, and Nadia Batson. I’ve also converted a few encounters into specials for the programme like the launch of Bazodee the Movie and my conversation with Sonja Dumas and Dave Williams ahead of the launch of the COCO Dance Festival.

I’ll post these interviews right here on this blog. But for a first look they premiere after the lunchtime newscast at 12:30pm, and then are repeated on weekends after the 7pm newscast or elsewhere on the schedule.

Look out for them, because they offer an extended view on topics that we can’t always cover in the news, but should be discussed.

I’ve uploaded my Conversations to my  YouTube channel and will provide a list below with the interviews as they take place.