Dresses Galore at Afrofunkk Show

I was pleasantly surprised by T&T/US Designer, Charlene Sheppard-Duncan’s Spring/ Summer 2017 collection for Afropunkk. I had an awareness of the brand and it’s aesthetic, and didn’t expect to find stuff I’d want in my wardrobe. But what came down the runwalk was very, very wearable, and I now have plans to add a dress or two to my closet.

Here are some blurry snaps of some of my faves.

Adventures in Fashion Journalism

Spent some time at The Cloth on Wednesday talking to Robert Young about FashionTT’s plan for a Garment Production Facility. Robert is advocating that it be a worker-owned arrangement.

He was also excited by the re-opening of a permanant retail space, at the place where it began, the Normandie. 

It was nice seeing people pop in and leave with a piece or two. The Cloth makes statement pieces, I may be adding one of its pieces to my wardrobe soon.

Green Screen Film Fest Launch 

The festival will launch with The Pearl Button, a film by Patricio Guzman.

But I’m really excited by the local films that will be included on the schedule.

Details on those films in an upcomimg post.