National Trust Council Installed

Minister of Planning and Development Camille Robinson-Regis installed the National Trust Council on Thursday 10th November 2017.

They are:

Margaret MacDowall – Chairperson

Geoffery MacLean – Deputy Chair

Candice Ramsaran – Secretary

Aduke Williams

Neisha Ghany

Louis Vilare

40 Years Since Cubana 455 Was Bombed

Today at 11am at the Atrium of the Piarco International Airport a plaque will be unveiled to memorialise the bombing of Cubana flight 455. An exhibition explaining the circumstances surrounding the bombing will also be launched.

Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon and Minister of Foreign Affairs Dennis Moses will join  Cuban Ambassador Vazquez Moreno  and Venezuelan Ambassador Coromoto Godoy in welcoming a Cuban delegation to Trinidad and Tobago. The Cuban Delegation includes Fernando González – one of the five Cubans who was imprisoned in the United States, and who was released when the U-S and Cuba re-established diplomatic relations; Camilo Rojo – who is a relative of one of the Cubans killed in the Cubana bombing; and Tania Parra , an official of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP).

Brief information about the Bombing of Cubana #455

On October 6, 1976 Cubana flight 455 was blown up off the coast of Barbados. All 73 persons on board died the flight were killed. They included 57 Cubans (of whom 24 were members of the Cuban national fencing team that had just won all the gold medals at the just completed CAC games); 11 were Guyanese (5 of whom were students on their way to Havana to study medicine, plus the wife of a Guyanese diplomat); 5 were North Koreans.

Two men – Freddy Lugo and Herman Ricardo Lozarno – arrived in Trinidad on October 5, then left on the Cubana flight for Barbados. They got off in Barbados and returned to Trinidad. However, the two bombs in their luggage remained on board the Cubana flight and blew up 10 minutes after take-off.

They were arrested in Trinidad, and confessed to the crime implicating two Cuban-Americans who were in Venezuela at the time. Those men, Luis Posada Carrlies and Orlando Bosch, were then arrested in Caracas on October 14.

Following a senior government meeting between officials from T&T, Barbados, Cuba, Guyana and Venezuela in Trinidad on October 20th, a decision was taken to try Lugo and Lozarno in Venezuela. They were then deported from Trinidad to Venezuela.

First Peoples Heritage Week

This year’s theme is “re-igniting the Ancestral Fires, Establishing Presence”

Monday 10th October – Amphitheate/ Arima Velodrome

Children Edu-Fund Tours (Craft, Song, Music, Dance and Language Workshops), Petting Zoo, Performance/ Descendence

Tuesday 11th October

First People’s Centre

9.00 A.M. – Reflection on First People’s Spirituality

2.00 P.M.  – Arima Town Hall: Leaders will meet to discuss the Implementation of the UN Declaration of the rights of Indigenous Peoples

Wednesday 12th October

10.00 A.M.  – Street Parade with School Children

Exhibition and sale of Craft items

Thursday 13th October

6.30 A.M. – Water Ritual at the Arima River

5:30 P.M –Lecture – Champions of the First Peoples at the Chaguanas Borough Corporation’s Auditorium

FRIDAY 14th October

6.30 A.M. Hyarima Ritual & Street Parade with School Children (Arima)

6.30 – 9.00 P.M. Day of Recognition – Hyarima Monument, Arima

First Peoples Community Awards


Handbook of Trinidad Cookery


The National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago is selling the recently re-released A Handbook of Trinidad Cookery; the first published recipe book of Trinidad and Tobago.

 The new edition was edited by Danielle Delon, whose previous work includes The Letter’s of Margaret Mann. This is a re-publication of the 1907 edition of the book which takes you into the kitchens of named Creole and British immigrants living in Trinidad at the time.

The National Trust is selling the book for $425.00


We Can’t Save Everything

You can’t save every site and heritage building, but we need to save more than we have.
We do have success stories in Trinidad and Tobago, Boissiere House and Audrey Jeffers’ Home aren’t listed. The Former is a completed restoration, the other restoration is taking place with great care to ensure historical accuracy.

But the National Trust Council needs to be appointed sooner rather than later, and the rest of us need to do more than just talk about heritage, art, culture and the things we say matter, but haven’t protected.

Dance Pioneer Beryl McBurnie’s House Destroyed

A portion of Trinidad and Tobago’s artistic community is up in arms about the demolition of Beryl McBurnie‘s house, a property that was shortlisted by the National Trust — the organisation charged with safeguarding the country’s heritage sites — to be considered for protected status. The house was bulldozed to the ground on September 16.

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