We Can Help Haiti

We’d mentioned this before, that the Prime Minister had asked local commercial banks to create accounts for people to donate to the Haitian Relief effort. Now the Bankers Association of T&T has advised that each of its eight member banks has opened an account and it invites the public to make financial donations to assist Haiti in its recovery process.

List of created Bank Accounts                                                                Bank Account Number
Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Limited                                                 74815 /1209309
First Citizens Bank Limited                                                                         2366947
Bank of Baroda                                                                                               95610200000740
RBC Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago                                                   11-000-000-335-9145
Republic Bank Limited                                                                                 180 801 049 001
JMMB Bank                                                                                                      557769-0201
First Caribbean International Bank (Trinidad and Tobago)                  180002851
Citibank (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited                                                   5109882021

The campaign hashtag is #WeCanHelpHaiti and people are being encouraged to donate $6, at least, to the relief effort.


2 thoughts on “We Can Help Haiti

  1. HHHMMMM. I never really liked the idea of giving money to Haiti (cause that worked out well last time) I prefer the idea of giving food items, clothes, and household items. BUT I do get that as humans we want to help in any way that we can… again, money would be my second option is all. Blessings.


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    1. I do think that the mistake we made was in who we donated the money to. We need to send to Haitian NGOs, let them decide how what they need and lead their recovery. Letting people come in and ‘save’ them, was the wrong thing to do. And in the end they added problems instead of solving them. Donating clothes, food etc is great too, but they never really get what they need, like sanitary napkins, and pampers and medication for the sick. So I don’t mind sending money.


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