J.Angelique and the Caribbean Business of Fashion

I’ve been scoping her brand for a bit, and this week I finally got the chance to meet Jin Forde, the designer of J.Angelique about her brand and her aesthetic.

What I was trying to get at, is her path to success. It appears that presentation is key. Her website: jangelique.com is pretty, easy to navigate and professionally done. And this is an updated version to match her latest collection Wildflower. The previous versions were equally as impressive.

As for her aesthetic. I like it, even if I think that I need to lose a few pounds before I become a customer. But more importantly, I can see the story behind her collections, and get a feel for the J.Angelique woman by viewing her collections.

The takeaway from this interview was the need to be original, but realistic in our business ventures, and the value of a professional package.

The flowered dress that you see in the video, is from her Wildflower collection. Blossom was inspired by a conversation with Ashelle Waddell, who distributes Shibue, a strapless panty. I’ll be looking out for the brave fashionistas who’ll actually wear this one out.


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