Help for Hati Bank Accounts

A Release from the Office of the Prime Minister Says:

With more information and images coming to the fore on the widespread devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, it is clear that, as good neighbours, we need to lend a helping hand even as we face our own challenges.

The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago continues to liaise with our CARICOM counterparts on the matter of aid to Haiti but has also asked our local banks, if they are so minded, that every branch open a “Help for Haiti” account. The banks have agreed to open the accounts from Monday 10th October, 2016. These accounts will facilitate contributions of citizens across the nation willing to give, however little, towards assisting our Haitian brothers and sisters as they struggle to overcome yet another natural disaster.
The Government will undertake to ensure all contributions get to Haiti to help alleviate the situation they now face. The Prime Minister, Dr. the Honourable Keith Rowley, will make his contribution at his bank in his constituency on Monday.

Editor’s Note: We should know by Monday what those account numbers are.


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