Representations of Self in Rankin Kia Boss’ World

“On Sunday 11th September, the all-white “Ciroc the Boat” hosted by Scorch had a grand closing of a fight that moved from one location to the next involving some women, at least one man, and a Samsung phone as the weapon of choice. By Monday, the video went rival and received well over 1,000 shares on Facebook. LoopTT headlined the news story as “All-white boat party turns dirty” and sadly, the situation also made the evening news. The Facebook noise did not concern itself with the lack of security and no arrests after the fight; instead the concern was with the status of elite party group that seemed to have been penetrated by “ghetto elements.” The fight became a hot topic for radio hosts for some days after and the story then introduces the two dominant personalities for the past couple of days, Rachel Price and Rankin Kia Boss.”

Amilcar Sanatan looks at representations of self that are both affirming and self loathing at the same time in the discourses of Rankin Kia Boss in that infamous Facebook live post. A must read, and to be fair Kia’s video is a must see  for those interested in gender and representation in the Caribbean.

Read his post in full here.. I’m not tagging Kia’s video, because she outs some people and that’s not right.


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