New Waves Fundraising Dinner

In a totally spur of the moment decision,  I found myself at the Granderson Lab for the New Waves! 2016 Opening Celebration Fundraiser.

It was a dinner event, and I have to say event, done in partnership with Our Moving Table. They are a farm to fork dining club that’s been around for a year. In fact they’re having their one year anniversary dinner/ lunch not sure on Sunday at the San Antonio Green Market. I can’t recommend them enough. The food was good, but the presentation was tops. I honestly feel that with dinning, presentation is key, because getting the food to taste great is the easy part. However, the rum punch with ginger…crack!

Last evening’s event totally transformed the Granderson Lab aka Propaganda Space aka The Cloth Caribbean’s show/ work space in Belmont.

I was in awe.

It was $300, which I was happy to pay because of the food and the atmosphere. But last evening’s event was actually a fundraiser for The Dance & Performance Institute of Trinidad & Tobago Local Scholarship Program: Let’s Dance! I had such a lovely time it was my pleasure to support.



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